About Beppe Karlsson

Beppe Karlsson

My name is Beppe Karlsson, I was born and raised in southern Sweden. Lived there 'til I was 21 when I left to live in Canada for a year. Since then I've had time for a few shorter trips and 2 years "down under" in Australia.

What I love about photography is that you get the chance to either portray reality almost exactly as it is, or alter it or enhance it as much as you please. You can take a photo and capture an emotion from a certain place. You can then bring it home with you and show your friends and family the places you've been and all the faces you've seen. You have memories from awesome trips and events. You can bring these photos out on a rainy day and have a stroll down memory-lane. You can take journalistic photos, or you can shoot for the sake of art.

I hope you enjoy my photos and if you're interested in any of my photos just send me an e-mail. Email me at bk.photography [AT] outlook [DOT] com

Beppe Karlsson

Photography Equipment

Canon EOS 600D
18-135mm IS Lens
Photoshop CS6